Introduction to the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University - THE FIFTH AFFILIATED HOSPITAL,SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY


Introduction to the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) is a large-scale first-class general hospital integrated with health care, education, and scientific research. Our hospital is located in Zhuhai, one of the most livable city in China, it is also the only affiliated hospital of SYSU on the west side of the Pearl River estuary. Currently, the hospital offers 1,600 beds, covering a construction area of 250,000 m2 and a total area of 470,000 m2. As its medical service capability ranks the top in Zhuhai, it is designated as a center for international medical aid and  therapies center in Zhuhai for many foreign embassies and consulates. With an open and international vision, the hospital takes roots in Zhuhai, and serves the development strategy of international gateway cities and western core cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. It strides toward the goal of evolving into a regional medical center at the national level that covers the city group on the west side of the Pearl River estuary and extends its influence to countries and regions along the Belt and Road.


I. Carry out the SYSU medical inheritance of over a century to establish an outstanding medical center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area

Established in 1992, the hospital was formerly known as Zhuhai Medical Center before it officially became an affiliated hospital of SYSU in 2001. Backboned by SYSU and the Zhuhai Municipal Government, the hospital makes use of all kinds of resources varying from medical talents, education to management and technology. It now has generally formed a disciplinary pattern with extensive categories, advanced medical technology, characteristic specialties and multi-disciplinary advantages, providing strong supports to the diagnosis and treatment of critical and complicated diseases in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

The hospital boasts a number of key specialties at provincial and municipal levels, and 5 discipline clusters including medical imaging, infectious diseases, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, and organ transplantation. Oncology Department is a key clinical specialty in Guangdong Province. For years, the department has been playing a supporting role in the field of oncology treatment and prevention in Zhuhai. Infectious Diseases Department is a key clinical specialty in Guangdong Province and the only specialized center for the treatment of infectious diseases. The department undertakes the diagnosis and treatment of most of the difficult, miscellaneous diseases in Zhuhai and neighbor areas. It is also responsible for all the emerging, sudden and imported infectious diseases in Zhuhai. Organ Transplantation Department is highly valued and is expected to obtain the organ transplant qualification in 2018, which will make the hospital the first to have such qualification in Zhuhai. Blood Purification Center is the largest on the west bank of the Pearl River and provides services of the best quality. It offers almost 100 beds and delivers dialysis of 45,000 person/visits annually. Psychology Department has opened inpatient wards that cover an area of over 500 m2 and offer 21 beds. The hospital hence becomes the only general hospital in Zhuhai with inpatient wards for psychological diseases. The hospital also takes the lead in conducting one-hole inflation mediastinoscopy combined with laparoscopic esophageal cancer radical mastectomy, which has now been promoted to the whole country. Besides, the hospital is fostering a number of emerging disciplines, and is establishing centers of the perinatal, neonatal and reproductive medicine, dentistry, dermatology , and ophthalmology . This will fill in the gap of Zhuhai in medical technologies, and provide Zhuhai people with all-round healthcare.


II Introduce and cultivate talents both externally and internally to create a medical talents pool

Talents are fundamental for the development of the hospital. Therefore, the hospital attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents and healthcare teams. At present, there is a total of 259staff with senior professional titles, 149 staff with doctoral degrees which account for above 85% of the number in the whole healthcare system of Zhuhai. In recent two year, it has introduced over 60 full-time and high-level talents from both home and abroad, including top ones that win the titlesas one of the “100 Excellent Talents in Guangdong”, expert of “the Thousand Talents Plan”, and “Specially Appointed Professor of Zhujiang Scholar”. A talent pool has gradually come into being, which gives the hospital advantages in medical talents competition.

Cultivation of medical talents is also attached great importance to. As a clinical teaching base for high-level medical talents of SYSU, the hospital has a complete medical education and training system which include 13 doctoral degree programs, 29 master degree programs, and postdoctoral research stations. The hospital is also a national standardized training base for resident physicians, general practitioners as well as specialist physicians, and a provincial standardized training base for general practitioners. With a complete training system and qualification, it enrolls over 800 trainees each year. The hospital is also responsible for educating medical technicians from western Zhuhai (islands) and giving standardized training to resident physicians from Doumen District. By helping basic medical institutions to cultivate talents, the hospital contributes to the medical and healthcare goal of Zhuhai, namely, “strengthen basic institutions, level up the overall medical capability, and improve healthcare services”. 


III. Create an innovation platform of medical science and technology to promote the coordinated development of healthcare, education, scientific research and production

In recent years, the overall strength of the hospital in scientific research has grown rapidly, with a number of relevant indexes taking the lead among the westernregions of the Pearl River Delta. New progress has also been made in the construction of scientific research platforms which mainly include the“biological function and molecular imaging platform” and the “infection and immunity platform”. In addition, there are also some other high-end platforms such as the Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Molecular Imaging,the SYSU Institute of Interventional Radiology, the Fifth Affiliated Hospital–Zhongshan School of MedicineTuberculosis Joint Lab,the Clinical Center underthe Ministry of Education Tropical DiseasesKey Laboratory, Biological Tissue Sample Library, and Clinical Molecular Medicine Experimental Platform (Co-built with BGI). Covering a total area of 6000 , the laboratories are equipped with large equipment and devices including small animal magnetic resonance imaging system, small animal living fluorescence imager, laser confocal microscope, and multi-color flow cytometer. Meanwhile, as the National Drug Clinical Trial Institute (the first oneon the west side of the Pearl River estuary),the hospital helpsin establishing a biomedical innovation platform and promote the coordinated development of healthcare, education and scientific research.


IV. Aim at first-class international hospitals to improve the medical services

Based on key construction projects, the hospital initiated the second-phase project to enhanceits medical service capability. The construction projects include the surgical building, the central green space parking garage, the talent apartment, and the perinatal reproductive medicine center. Among them, the surgical building has a total construction area of 67,700 , 25 floors above ground and 1 underground. It is planned to have 19 standard wards, 40 operating rooms and 900 beds, with ICU and supporting departments such as central supply room and so on. The perinatal reproductive medicine center has a total construction area of 3,100 , 2 floors above ground and 1 underground. It is designed to have 1 high-end ward, 5 LDR integrated rooms, 1 operating room and 40 beds. The above projects will greatly enhance the medical service capability of the hospital and attract more talents, paving the way for future progress.

As an ancient Chinese saying goes, “driven by a will, one can reach the farthest place despite all hardships”. Dedicated to the goal of serving China’s major strategies and contributing to the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, the hospital never stops bettering itself by introducing and cultivating high-level medical teams, establishing research supporting platforms, and improving medical service and discipline construction. Aiming far, the hospital strives to make itself a regional medical center at the national level, top ranked at home and well-renowned abroad.